Kolkata Infotech Solutions: Basic coding terms for dummies

Coding is an essential skill that a programmer must possess to be successful in the industry. Improve your programming skills by mastering these basic coding terms.

Program – this refers to the set of instructions processed by the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer to perform certain tasks.

Some examples of a computer program include the browsers that we use to access the internet or the multimedia player that allows you to watch videos and play music 

Algorithm – is considered the thought process of a computer that enables it to solve different problems, ranging from simple to complex ones.

Bug – known as the root of computer malfunctions, bugs are the errors or defects that occur in the computer software or hardware. This can be prevented by using programs that are specifically designed to detect bugs before installing new software. 

Coding languages – also called programming languages, are a set of instructions that allow programmers to create codes that control the behaviour of the computer through specific commands and tasks. 

Some examples of these include JavaScript, Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP, Structured Query Language or SQL and Python, among many others.

Expression – refers to the group of letters, numbers and symbols that are used in different programming languages. 

Variable – these can be modified to temporarily store data in a program

Source data – this is known as the key location of data that are used in a program. This includes spreadsheets, databases and other sources

Syntax – these are the set of rules in programming languages that allow programmers to execute programs through features, functions and other capabilities

Runtime – also known as execution time, this simply refers to the period that a program is running on a computer. It signifies the time that a user spends in using the program, starting from the moment the program was opened until it was closed

Keywords – these are specific words that perform certain tasks in a programming language. Each programming language have its own set of keywords used to operate the program

Server-side – this refers to the different processes that are executed by the server, as opposed to those performed by the client. 

Hardcode – these are codes that are not likely to change in computer programming since they are built into the software or hardware.

Declaration – a declaration defines a function or variable to help an interpreter acquire a better understanding of its meaning. 

Array – bits of data that share similarities are grouped to form an array.

Application Programming Interface (API) – this is used to create software applications using protocols, rules and routines. 

Skills that make our web designers the best in the industry

Kolkata Infotech Solutions is known as one of the companies with an exceptional team that provides IT services that exceed the standards of the industry. This is possible because of the great qualities and skills of each member of the team, as well as the vast expanse of knowledge useful in their field. 

Here are some of the skills and characteristics that keep our company successful and progressive:


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is the coding language that enables programmers to structure content on a website. Knowledge of HTML allows you to modify the fonts, headlines, footers, paragraphs and other elements of the page. 

Aside from this, HTML is also used to improve the website using videos, photos and other graphic materials.


Our designers make the content of your website look more appealing using the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). if you want to improve the look of your page, you can use CSS to change the fonts, colours, background and more. 

CSS allows you to unleash your creativity and have fun with the look of your website. You can experiment with different styles and moods according to the theme of your blog or website. 

Along with HTML, CSS is one of the most basic skills that our web designers started with. To make sure that Kolkata Infotech Solutions is composed of highly-skilled creative individuals, we have provided training programs for our team members that help improve their foundation in various coding languages.

Visual design

At Kolkata Infotech Solutions, we do our best to improve the skills of our designers and developers through seminars on visual design. This way, they can acquire more knowledge on the fundamental principles of design which would enhance the services they provide to our clients. 

This skill covers different aspects of design principles such as typography, proportions, colour theory and grid systems, among others. Aside from the technical skills, these educational seminars also encourage the creative flow of ideas so that our team members can easily come up with fresh and contemporary designs. 

Design software

All web developers must be proficient in at least one design software that is often used in the industry. This will allow them to maximise their skills in enhancing websites for clients. 

To ascertain that Kolkata Infotech Solutions remain at the forefront in the web design industry, train our members in using a wide range of design software so that they can easily adapt to the preferences of clients. 


With javascript, web designers can upgrade the client’s website by making static elements interactive. This helps in making the website stand out from the rest, giving it a more captivating look to users. 

Soft skills

Soft skills are just as important as technical skills. To be successful in the world of web design, it is not enough that you are proficient in different coding languages and software. Instead, there must be a balance between the two. 

To be part of the hard-working team at Kolkata Infotech, a designer must possess the following soft skills:

Effective communication

Designers must be able to express their plans and opinions clearly and effectively in a clear and effective manner to avoid misunderstandings with the clients. Being a part of the web development industry is not just about building websites and creating designs. It involves pitching ideas, presenting projects and teaming up with other developers. 

To execute these properly, they must know how to adapt to different social situations in the workplace. Whether it is to relay information to the supervisors or to negotiate with clients, our team members at Kolkata Infotech Solutions must be able to use the appropriate words that would best convey their thoughts. 

Digital marketing and search engine optimisation

Although digital marketing and SEO skills are not necessarily among the fields of expertise of web designers and developers, it would be advantageous for them to have a basic knowledge of how these things work. 

These fields share the same goal of increasing website traffic and acquiring a larger market reach so it would be great to know how each of these affects one another.

Client management

Our team of designers and developers is guided by exceptional team leaders that oversee the quality and progress of projects. Though these leaders are often the ones who handle the task of staying connected with the clients, this challenge is delegated to the designers and developers. 

This serves as a way for them to improve their skills in communicating with clients and working things out in case of conflicts. Our top management at Kolkata Infotech Solutions aims to continuously develop the skills and abilities of all members of the team, encouraging their growth both personally and professionally.


All members of the team must have strong leadership skills to keep one another inspired and motivated to finish tasks within their deadline. It is great to have members who can provide their fellow designers and developers with encouragement and wisdom during times of hardship. 

Kolkata Infotech Solutions prioritises the enhancement of this specific skill among employees, which is why our company has remained one of the leading agencies in the field of information technology.

If the members can maintain a positive outlook and attitude while acknowledging the potential conflicts that may arise in different situations, a team is bound to head for success. 


Since designers and developers work directly with clients, they must be capable of coming up with effective solutions to different problems. This skill comprises creative, analytical and critical thinking skills that help them approach conflicts with a level head and logical solutions.

Furthermore, team members must keep in mind that not all problems must be dealt with by themselves. Since they are a team that works together towards a common goal, they must know which problems require the involvement of other team members to effectively solve problems.


Although teamwork is crucial in the success of a business, it is also important for each member to know how to keep themselves motivated without the constant guidance of their immediate superiors. 

Kolkata Infotech Solutions take pride in the commitment of all team members to their work, especially to the huge projects that need their special attention. Our designers and developers continuously show dedication to their craft through their initiative in tackling tasks and ambition to improve and achieve more accomplishments in the industry.

Aside from this, they also know when to manifest positivity in the workplace so that everyone else in the team would feel inspired to propel themselves towards excellence and success.