Kolkata Infotech Solutions: Importance of web design

One of the best ways to leave a remarkable impression on your audience is through your website design. The overall appeal of your website can make or break your success in the industry. Don’t waste a great opportunity and hire our skilled web designers now!


People often rely on their mobile devices to access different kinds of information online. Although your website must look appealing when viewed using a desktop, it is equally important to make sure that the page is just as good. 

You can lose a lot of clients if your website does not function properly when accessed through a mobile device. To avoid this, our web designers make it a point to test the website using all types of devices before finalising a project.

This way, the website remains professional as well as functional regardless of the device used.

Brand professionalism

Uphold the credibility of your brand by giving your website a professional, modern and sophisticated look. Through client feedback, people have reported that they are more likely to trust a company if it has a website that looks professional and well-taken care of.

They also consider the presentation of the contents on each page. For them, a website that looks incomplete does not seem as credible as those with complete information and numerous posts. In addition, they believe that a company seems more legitimate if it has a brand consistency that can be seen through its logos, web style, colours and aesthetics. 


Our web designers stand by the principle that simplicity is perfection. We apply this in the web design by giving the website a simple yet engaging look. If the page provides too much information all at once, it is bound to look cluttered and unorganised.

To avoid confusion on how to navigate the website, it is best to categorise similar items. The menu drawdown and other options must be placed at the top of the page so that users can easily see them. The categories must progress from the main and important products and end with the tab for contact information. 

By doing this, users would know where to access the information that they are looking for. Otherwise, they are likely to leave the website altogether.


Studies show that the usability of a business website significantly affects its sales. People visit your website to view the product and services, contact information and the company overview. Make sure that these can be easily found on your website upon first look.

Since there is endless content available on the internet, it is easier for people to look for other sources of information instead of spending too much time figuring out how your website works. To solve this problem, our designers ensure that your website is not only attractive but also functional and easily accessible. 

Search engine optimisation

With all the content available online, it is difficult to direct traffic to your website. However, you can solve this by improving the coding of your website. Although your site has the necessary elements to attract visitors, its