Satisfied clients of Kolkata Infotech Solutions

We believe that feedback from our clients plays a significant role in maintaining the quality of our services. They help us determine which aspects of our services need enhancement, as well as the individual qualities of our team members that require improvement.

Here are some of the testimonials from our previous clients over the years:

Client 1: Keimlesh Koshrati, CEO of a chain of dental clinics

I happened to come across Kolkata Infotech Solution while surfing the internet and am very fortunate that I met them. They understood exactly what I needed for my project and delivered everything in time. The best part about them is the readiness to do revisions as per our demand. 

The dynamic pages that they created are extremely user-friendly and the look and feel of their websites are highly appealing. I recommend this to anyone who wants to upgrade their projects into works of art.

Client 2: Tabish Mithril, Director of a marketing agency

What I liked the most about Kolkata Infotech Solutions when I availed of their services was that their teams are intelligent and attentive. They were able to meet deadlines despite the difficult and complex nature of the project. Moreover, their services were available whenever needed. 

I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to improve their sites into something they could take pride in. If you’re looking for innovative and out-of-this-world designs, Kolkata Infotech is ultimately the best option.

Client 3: Miguel Cortes, Art director of a photography company

Our company has been doing business with Kolkata Infotech Solution and they never fail to deliver excellent services. They have developed two big projects for us that feature creative designs and an easy-to-use interface. I especially liked how they would always respond quickly whenever I have questions or suggestions regarding the projects.

Kolkata Infotech Solutions understands exactly what you need and proposes different alternatives to improve the idea without losing the essence of the project. Their team members are impressive in communicating their ideas, potential conflicts and possible solutions. 

Client 4: Marina Wellington, owner of a stationery company

Dealing with Kolkata Infotech Solution was a pleasure for me and the rest of my company. This team of developers responded quickly and efficiently to all my questions and created a website that I am highly satisfied with. 

I was deployed on out-of-town operations and did not have access to a phone so I could only communicate with their team through email. Despite this, the skills and in-depth understanding of their members proved that this was not a problem. In the end, they were able to deliver an outstanding result.

Client 5: Amir Nicholas, owner of a technical support agency

I am amazed by this team and their dedication to any project that they work on. They did a perfect job for my eCommerce site. The members were absolutely fantastic and accommodating during the development and testing phase. 

They are patient with anyone who has trouble grasping the technical concepts of the project. More importantly, they prioritise the quality of the projects no matter what. They are persistent in providing solutions until their client is satisfied with the results.