Kolkata Infotech Solution: Make your website search-friendly

Kolkata Infotech Solution: Make your website search-friendly

There are several ways to make your website rank higher in search results, but the best solution is to optimise your content for Google Search. Managing and promoting your website can be done much more effectively when your website pages are search engine friendly.

Search engine optimisation is not a big dark secret and Google provides a guide for best practices on how to do it. However, do not expect your website to get higher rankings overnight. Use the right web technologies and give the search engines time to crawl, index and understand your content.

Here are some of the best practices to help you make your website search-friendly.

Your website should benefit users

Anything you put on your website should be for the benefit of your users. The user experience and performance of your website impacts your search engine rankings. 

That’s why the content must be relevant because that’s how users will keep coming to your website. Organic search helps users discover your website because of relevant content. 

For example, this website is about information technology and solutions. If the search engine finds content about language and culture, this website will not appear when someone searches for software solutions or web development. It may not even appear in a language and culture search because the website does not match its content.

Check Google’s index results

You can look up your site’s home URL in the search bar. For example:

site: kolkatainfotechsoluton.in

If you find your domain in the results then you are in the index. In cases when your site is not on Google, there may be problems with your pages. Remember that Google crawls billions of web pages and may have missed your site, so you have to check for the following:

  • Your website is not well connected with other sites on the web
  • Your website just launched and Google has not gotten to your pages
  • Your web design is heavy in graphics and very little text content
  • There are code errors that are preventing Google to crawl your site
  • Your website security policy blocks Google from crawling the pages

Help Google find your content

There is no need to submit your website to Google search results because the search engine is fully automated. Its web crawler technology is always looking for new sites to add all over the web.

But you can help make it easier for Google to crawl and index your pages easily. You can submit a file of web links to your site called a sitemap. This file will tell search engines new pages and what’s been changed on your website.

You can also block site indexing for web pages with non-sensitive information using a robots.txt file. The filename should always be robots.txt and must be saved in the root directory of your website. This will tell search engines where they should crawl and what pages you do not want to be indexed. 

Be aware that you have to use secure methods to block site indexing for pages with sensitive information. It is also important to allow crawlers to access JavaScript, CSS and image files used on your website because it has to see your page the same way your user does.