Kolkata Infotech Solutions: How to use the Ubuntu program

Advanced programmers all around the world are delighted with the Ubuntu application! It’s a complex Linux program used to create applications designed for computers, smartphones, and network servers. Find out more about this amazing program right here at Kolkata Infotech Solutions. 

What drives the Ubuntu community is their shared philosophy that programming and software applications should be available to everyone free of charge. It’s an open-source program that is designed to be useful for people regardless of language and disabilities. 

Through the Ubuntu application, people adept in programming can customize codes in various software projects. Because it is an open-source software development, anyone who has access to the internet and the vast knowledge of coding can utilize it for free. 

Ubuntu features

Aside from the application being free of charge, people are drawn to Ubuntu for various reasons including: 

  • The desktop version of Ubuntu is designed to support the usual Windows software such as Firefox, Chrome, VLC, Microsoft Office, among others. 
  • Aside from the usual Microsoft Office programs, Ubuntu also has access to LibreOffice which has the same functions. 
  • This application supports a software called Thunderbird which can give you access to email programs like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, and others. 
  • You can utilize a myriad of programs that can allow you to view and edit photos. 
  • Aside from photos, you can also manage and share videos using the Ubuntu supported programs. 

Why do people like Ubuntu

Many people are part of the Ubuntu community because of its running philosophy that knowledge should be available for all. Despite it being free, the developers behind this application update the program every six months that enables you to utilize the program even more. 

Moreover, people like the application for the following reasons: 

  • Your safety and security guaranteed with Ubuntu. The software provides a better option for you in terms of securing your data compared to other operating systems like Mac and Windows. There’s no need for you to download an antivirus program to minimize the threat of security breaches because the Ubuntu programing already covered it for you. 
  • It’s easy to wipe your data with the Ubuntu software because it can partition your hard drive into parts. Because of this, the other files aren’t at risk of getting deleted when something goes wrong in an isolated partition. 
  • The common misconception about Ubuntu is that it’s too complex for non-programmers to utilize. However, the software has an easy-to-use interfae. You can easily learn how to navigate the system within a day if you want to. 
  • You can use Ubuntu for various programming needs. It allows operation with different coding languages which makes it the software of choice for developers. You can also learn how to code using the Ubuntu software just because it’s easily customizable to your needs.